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What does the ‘My Deductible Status’ table shown on the Home page represent?

The My Deductible Status table accessed from the Claims menu displays up-to-date deductible information for Original Medicare beneficiaries. At a glance, you can easily determine your status related to the following deductible categories:

Deductible Year - shows your deductible status for the current and previous years, if applicable. Part B Deductible Amount - The full amount you must pay this year for your Part B Deductible Part B Deductible Remaining - The amount you have left to pay this year for your (Part B) Deductible Deductible Amount Met - The deductible dollar amount that you have contributed so far Occupational Therapy Remaining The annual dollar amount remaining for your Occupational Therapy Physical/Speech Therapy Remaining - The annual dollar amount remaining for your Physical/Speech Therapy
Note: The dollar amount for the current year's deductible will be displayed after a claim has been processed.

If you are enrolled in a plan other than Original Medicare, the My Deductible link will not display. Medicare Advantage plans process your claims on their own, and therefore the deductible statuses are not available for display on

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