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How do I read the Preventive Services page?

The Preventive Services tab of provides information about your Medicare-covered preventive services. Medicare offers various preventive services which help you stay healthy, identify health problems early, and prevent certain diseases and illnesses.

If you are currently enrolled in Original Medicare, your Preventive Services information can be reviewed on the 'My Preventive Services' page using the following two tables:

Two-Year Calendar of Current and Upcoming Preventive Services displays many of the preventive services for which you are eligible in the current and following year. Preventive services will appear in the calendar in the month you are eligible to receive the service along with the beginning eligible date. You can use the dropdown to select the following year and view the upcoming preventive services in the next calendar year. You Are Eligible for These Services Now, which appears below the calendar, shows preventive services available to you immediately since the due dates for these services has passed. It will show the date you originally became eligible for each service and the time elapsed since you became eligible for the service.

If you are currently enrolled in a plan other than Original Medicare for your health benefits, you will see the Medicare Advantage version of the My Preventive Services landing page that includes links to Preventive Services pages.Please contact your plan directly to determine if you are eligible for any of these preventive services.

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