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What is Current Plan & Insurance Information?

The Current Plan & Insurance Information section of the Plans & Coverage tab gives you information about your Medicare health and prescription drug plans. This section also contains information on your primary and other insurance, if applicable, and employer subsidy information that is dynamic based on the availability of information.

If you are, will be, and/or have been enrolled in a Medicare Advantage and/or a Prescription Drug plan, you will see the following information about your plan(s):

Plan Name: The name of the plan.

Plan ID: The number of your plan.

Plan Type: The type of plan such as Medicare Health Plan or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Quality Ratings: A ranking for your plan's quality, ranging from 1-5 stars. This is not available for all plans. You can click on the value in this column to view a detailed quality summary for your health plan.

Plan Period: The dates that your plan begins and ends.

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