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How do I read my All Claim Types results?

After you submit your Claim search, you will see the Search Results page, with the search criteria you entered on the previous page displayed in the upper right corner of the page. At the bottom of the page, you will see the claims that match what you identified from the previous Search Claims page. You can click on the View All button if you would like to see all of the results displayed on one page. Otherwise, ten claims will display per page.

The claims shown give you basic information:

  • Claim Type - Type of claim (Part A, Part B, DME, etc.)
  • Disclaimer - Reminds the beneficiary that this eMSN is not the original MSN
  • Facility Name - The name of the facility where the service took place
  • Beneficiary Name - Name of beneficiary of the claim
  • Provider Billing Address - The billing address of the provider that performed the service
  • Provider Street Address - The street address of the provider that performed the service
  • Medicare Number - Medicare number of beneficiary
  • Date Notice Printed - Date notice was printed
  • Date Claim Processed - Date claim was processed
  • Your deductible Status - Status of the amount you must pay before Medicare begins to pay
  • Be Informed! - Notice to the beneficiary to register at for direct access to all original claims
  • Your Cost for this Claim - Whether or not Medicare approved all claims, and the total you may be billed
  • Facility/Supplier for this Claim - The date the service began and ended, and the name of the facility where the service took place

Please Note: The claims listed are claims which have been received and processed by Medicare. If you do not see a claim that you searched for, please check back at a later time when Medicare has received or processed your claim.

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