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How do I view the drugs on my existing drug list?

If you have previously created a drug list (by obtaining a drug list ID and password date), you can view your existing list of prescription drugs by clicking on the Drugs page under the My Health section. You will be given the choice to either view your existing list, or view your drugs from claims. If you select, "I do not want to review my drugs having claims. Open my drug list": your prescription drug information will appear in the "My Drug List" section of this page. It is important to note that you must add the drugs to this list yourself; Medicare will not add your drugs to this list automatically.

If you have multiple Drug List ID's, shall display the most recently accessed Drug List ID and Password Date. If you would like to access a different Drug List ID, please click on the Use a different Drug List ID button.

Keywords: How do I view the drugs on my existing drug list?

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