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What is the “Download My Data/Blue Button”?

The Download My Data Blue Button feature provides an individual an easy way to download his or her personal health information to a file.  The file will contain your personal data as well as your Part A, Part B and Part D claims and can be downloaded to your personal computer.

To download and save your health information, click the Blue Button that appears on the top right corner of the page. On the My Download Request page, select the checkbox for whichever data you would like to display. You can select one or more of the following sections:

Emergency Contacts
Family Medical History
Preventive Services
Self-Reported Health Information (this will contain, Allergies, Implantable Devices, Medical Conditions, Immunizations, Vital Statistics, Labs and Tests, Questions and Notes)

Selecting the checkbox will have the associated section appear in your report,then click submit. You will be directed to the Download Instructions page from which you will have two options to download, Download txt or Download PDF. If you click on either of these your detailed report will appear in a new window with the pop up banner. After you have generated the Blue Button report on the screen, from your browser, choose the File; Print option to print the report.

The reason why you would want to download your health information, is so you can have better access and control over your health information. This feature also makes it easy for an individual to share his or her health information with their doctors, caregivers, or anyone else he or she chooses.


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