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What is the Initial Enrollment Questionnaire (IEQ) reminder screen?

New beneficiaries will receive the reminder page when you log on to within 90 days of their entitlement date, until 180 days after their entitlement date, or until they submit the IEQ, whichever comes first.  You can start an IEQ, and either complete and submit it at the same time, or save your progress and come back and complete it later.  On subsequent sessions, the system will start on the reminder page (upon login) or the IEQ header page (if accessed from links within and you will have to navigate through the pages already completed.  However, the questions provided in previous sessions will be saved and you will not have to add or edit any data, unless you choose to do so.

Once you create a new IEQ form, you will navigate through different pages depending on your response to different questions.

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